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Autonomous EDR

Enterprise Visibility

Dynamic Solutions

Threat-Hunting in Real-Time

Gone are the days of 90's file based threats. Traditional Anti-Virus Solutions cannot combat file less malware or the micro trade of ransomware. To meet modern security challenges, a organization at any size should have access to innovative threat detection methods. EDR deploys a Agent to a Device (End-Point) and utilizes AI driven technology, to monitor activity on the device. Autonomous EDR eliminates the need for constant updates to Traditional Anti-Virus Software, as AI helps detect malicious activity in real-time.

Our Lean SOC Product-Line Protects and Monitors:

  • Endpoints

  • Identity

  • MS365

  • Cloud

  • Mobile Devices

Our Managed Threat Services Platform helps customers Manage Attack Surfaces, Security Data Analytics, and Incident Response Tooling.

Custos IQ's Managed EDR Solution brings Autonomous AI Driven Threat Detection. EDR tracks threats in real-time, Identifies danger in real time, provides deep visibility, and Responds & Rollbacks Threats. Contact our Team for a free trial today.

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