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Backup and Recovery

Solutions that help your business thrive.

Your Storage Shelf can crash regardless of how expensive your equipment is. Reducing the effects of a crash depends on the preventative measures you take. Disaster recovery and prevention depends on a deep understanding of policies, business continuity, market leading backup solutions, and Redundancy.

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

During the Data Backup and Recovery process your data is backed up for the event of a data loss through i.e. crash, loss of power, force majeure, etc. The secure systems hosting your data backup, whether on premise or remote, will allow you to recover your information. Data backup will also protect your information from data corruption, human error, or deletion.

Data backup is a key component of organizational disaster recovery, making it an essential part of any business continuity plan.

Why choose us?

CustosIQ offers consulting and backup implementation services for any sized business. Whether you would like to move your data into the cloud, store it on-premise, host data remotely, or outsource your data backup and recovery - our Team can help you find a solution.

If you are searching for outsourced/remote data recovery solutions, please visit our MSSP Services, for information on Managed IT-Services.

Protect Your Business

Small businesses commonly undervalue the risks they face because they either don’t think they’re targets, or they are unaware of an attack impact. A GAP Analysis will scope out organizational risk and help reduce security gaps.

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