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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about CustosIQ or some of the services we provide. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below!

 Question                      Who is CustosIQ?


CustosIQ was founded in 2021 to address the ever-growing demand for competent Cybersecurity services. CustosIQ is solely focused on Offensive Cybersecurity. Meaning, our engineers take a proactive approach to help your organization stay safe from active threats, which numerous organizations fall victim to. 


What is a GAP Analysis?


A security gap analysis will help your organization reprioritize performance, implement market standard security controls, and significantly improve your security posture.

GAP Analysis Goals

  • Evaluation of Applications and Processes

  • Identification of a specific Industry Framework

  • Analyze current security posture

  • Evaluation of IT-Resources

  • A roadmap to achieve security

GAP Analysis Benefits

  • Identifies unknown risks

  • Eliminate unapproved tools and processes

  • Prioritize a roadmap for security compliance

  • Meet Market Security Standards

  • Achieve  Common Cyber-Insurance Controls

  • Highly positive impact on performance


As an organization, can't we just use anti-virus software?


With the rise of more advanced threat vectors and the use of work-from home technologies, businesses are facing threats to data and workflow and need a different type of protection that mitigate that risk. Traditional anti-virus is no longer sufficient protection for your business because anti-virus requires regular database updates of the current virus signatures to be effective. New threats arise daily, and ensuring updates get pushed out in a timely fashion is a best-effort scenario. The best way to manage today's security threats is with Managed Endpoint Detection and Response.


Why choose to work with CustosIQ?


We strive to ensure that our clients receive the best service available at an affordable cost, we know cybersecurity and our experts bring thirty-years of experience to the table. We address each and every client's specific needs and provide unique recommendations for tools, practices, upgrades, or deficiencies identified, to assist your organization with a solution that meets your needs and budget.  


If I wanted to learn more about the services you offer what are the next steps?


You can start by signing up for our Free Demo right now! Let's setup a consultation where our experts will be happy to walk you through our services and products.

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