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Penetration Testing

Solutions that help your business thrive.

Network Security Services - is your infrastructure safe from threat actors? Our comprehensive penetration tests can help you achieve compliance.

  • Determine whether a threat actor can penetrate your infrastructure.

  • Recognize your security posture through the identification of data and infrastructure exposed at internal/external levels.

  • Utilize Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) reduce and identify attack surfaces.

  • Determine how existing security controls and strategies perform in real-world multiple attack scenarios.

  • Satisfy testing requirements for third-party vendors, compliance, or customer needs.

  • Internal Phishing Demonstrations/ Social Engineering attacks.

Cyber Security Compliance Assessments

Our compliance assessment serves to identify gaps between existing compliance and framework requirements. Our experts can help your organization achieve a reasonable level of protection for personal data or security controls for information systems. We can help you-

  • Assess compliance, compliance gaps, or implementation of the NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171.

  • Assess compliance, compliance gaps, or implementation of CIS Controls v7.1, and v8 (May 2021).

  • Create, review, and exercise system recovery plans and business continuity plans in compliance with NIST Framework or CIS Controls.

  • Provide a risk assessment on data storage to determine your organization's NIST compliance.

  • Prioritize gaps to effectively address mitigation and remediation plans.

  • Assist in the adequate handling of personal data to meet GDPR compliance.

  • Secure Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in compliance with GDPR.

  • Advise and or implement Data Governance Solutions to meet GDPR requirements.

Protect Your Business

Small businesses commonly undervalue the risks they face because they either don’t think they’re targets, or they are unaware of an attack impact. A GAP Analysis will scope out organizational risk and help reduce security gaps.

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