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Managed Email Security

Enterprise Visibility

Dynamic Solutions

Threat-Hunting in Real-Time

Custos IQ has partnered with Proofpoint Email Security, to protect your enterprise from email threats. This includes phishing, malware, spam and more. Our cloud-based enterprise-class email security, continuity encryption and archiving product is designed for businesses like yours. It’s backed by our unmatched security and infrastructure. And it provides you with value and cost savings.


  • Robust anti-spam and multilayered anti-virus protection

  • Advanced protection against malicious URLS and attachments

  • Security for sensitive data leaving the organization.

  • Intelligent content filtering.

  • Search and e-discovery cloud email archive.

  • Redelivery of any inbound email lost or deleted in the last 30 days.

  • Protection of social media properties from spam and malware.

  • Emergency Inbox for 24/7 email continuity.

  • Image-scanning technology to remove illicit images.

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