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Free Trial: EDR Affordable to SMB's

Do you believe Cyber-Security is only attainable by large organizations? Nope - Market Leading End-Point-Detection and Response is now affordable for SMB's. CUSTOS IQ offers economical EDR, Asset Management, and Patch Management to businesses any size. Contact us for a Consult and a Free Trial.

Some businesses and customers require comprehensive security coverage. These organizations often fall under compliance requirements that dictate a base level of security. Your organization should consider partnering with an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), rather than taking on cybersecurity all by yourself. As MSSP’s have the tools available to monitor networks via a End-Point-Detection and Response and often alert you to potential issues for your customers (without you building an in-house Cybersecurity team). Additionally, you look like the hero to your clients and your staff when security issues are remediated on the spot.

CUSTOS IQ's MSSP Platform provides your IT-Staff the longed assistance without hiring a new resource. Our platform provides Patch Management Services, Asset Management, Award Wining EDR, Password Management, Mail Assure, Security Assessments and so much more!

Contact our Engineers below for a Consult and a Free Trial.

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